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Ministers in Residence: Providing Specialized Assistance and Expertise for Your BGAV Church

New MIRs offer expanded services in their areas of ministry

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The Congregational Field Staff Team is looking forward to a bright 2022 and beyond with the addition of several new Ministers in Residence, complementing the services of those who currently serve in that capacity.

Ministers in Residence address a variety of needs in local churches based on their areas of specialty from years of experience in their fields.  

The newest additions to the team are:

Steve Collins

Evangelism and Missions (steve.collins@bgav.org)

Retiring from his role as a Field Strategist, Steve will focus on forming community partnerships to foster community engagement, recognizing evangelism as a natural result of discipleship, and using resources to bless the community as outreach/evangelism in today’s world.

Christy Foldenauer

Discipleship and Spiritual Faith Formation (christy.foldenauer@bgav.org)

Christy will develop a statewide approach to discipleship while working with congregations to develop a roadmap toward discipling.

Cadance Tyler

Vocational Connections (cadance.tyler@bgav.org)

Cadance will work to connect ministerial candidates with BGAV churches. Developing relationships with seminaries and building networks of people seeking to serve congregations, she will facilitate strategic relationships to help ministers and churches discover each other in the ministry matching process.

Craig Harwood

Leadership Development (craig.harwood@bgav.org)

Drawing upon his professional experience and expertise, Craig will cultivate leadership development conversations with pastors and cohorts, and he will utilize relational capital in leadership development.

These are joining a team that already includes:

Cynthia Shackelford

Congregational Care (cynthia.shackelford@bgav.org)

Cynthia specializes in conflict management and resolution, but she also helps congregations deal with differences before they become conflicts.

Jeff Cranford

Church Finance (jeff.cranford@bgav.org)

Jeff assists churches, church staff members, and pastor search teams with a variety of important resources and consultation in the areas of compensation, retirement, and administration.

Kathy Kruschwitz

Program Coordinator, AXIS Ministry Academy and Resource Network (director@axistraining.org)

Kathy is at the helm of AXIS, coordinating faculty and course offerings and acting as convener and facilitator for church leader affinity groups online.

As this team delves into its important work, more information will be available on the BGAV website at www.bgav.org. Until then, you may use any of the email addresses above to contact individual ministers in residence to inquire about what they can do with and for your congregation.