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Administrative Manager

Position title
Administrative Manager
Weekly expectation
Church/ministry name
Berea Baptist Church
church/ministry location
15475 Ashland Road , Rockville, VA 23153
The Administrative Manager actively supports and lives the vision, mission, and core values of Berea Baptist Church. Specifically, the administrative manager handles the day-to-day operations of the church, including financial support and church office management. This includes internal and external communications and administrative assistance for staff, members, and committees. The Church Administrative Manager is a point of contact for church members and committees, providing resources and addressing various issues throughout the week. They are a liaison for church leaders, staff, members, committees, and the senior pastor. The Administrative Manager represents the church and is expected to support the goals of the church and demonstrate the church's teachings in their life and work.
More Details
John Baldwin
Close Date
September 30, 2023