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Children's Pastor

Position title
Children's Pastor
Weekly expectation
Church/ministry name
Freedom Life Church
church/ministry location
35 Tide Mill Lane , Hampton, VA 23666
General Special Focus: To serve as a driving force in the execution of the Vision, Mission, and Goals of Freedom Life Church within the children’s ministry. And to ensure FLC Children’s ministry is a safe and effective learning environment for children. General Function: Lead all team leaders, volunteer teachers, assistants, and helpers in FLC Children’s ministry. Equip and train volunteers to teach the Word of God and empower parents to want to lead their children. Build a bridge between children and student ministries by collaborating with Student and Young Adult Pastor. Qualifications & Expectations Qualifications of Employment 1. Character - demonstration of Godly character and healthy personal relationship with Christ. 2. Competence - demonstrated ability to perform duties listed, which should include appropriate education, job experience, and aptitude for learning. 3. Chemistry - demonstrated ability to interact on an interpersonal level with the Lead Pastor, Elders, Pastoral Staff, and ministry volunteers. 4. Humility - demonstrated ability to take direction, and lead by example. 5. Consistency - demonstrated track record of being consistent in performance, commitment, and lifestyle. Expectations 1. Confidentiality - The staff person must guard the confidentiality of any information that they hear in regard to someone else, or information that has not been made public. 2. Attendance - The staff person is expected to be involved and be a “face” of Freedom Life Church by being visible at all major functions of the church. Additionally, as a full-time staff person, they will be expected to attend weekly staff meeting, staff development meetings, and other leadership meetings as requested, generally work 40-45 hours per week. 3. Servanthood - It is expected that the staff person will take initiative in doing things that need to be done without being asked, like turning off lights, cleaning up some leftover trash, locking up the building if everyone else has left, etc. 4. Flexibility - The specific responsibilities of the staff person are subject to change as the church grows and changes. The Elder Board will approve and communicate these changes, while also seeking to maintain the core description as listed. 5. Staff Presence - The staff person is expected to work the majority of their hours in the office in order to assist with maintaining a staffed office presence and be available for collaboration with other staff members. Responsibilities Executive Duties: The Children’s Ministry Pastor is empowered and expected to work in submission to the Campus Pastor’s leadership to: 1. Lead a growing, relevant, and vibrant children’s ministry in line with the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of FLC in a way that connects with children from 6 weeks- 5th grade. 2. Collaborate with Student and Young Adult Pastor to serve 6th-8th grade students and parents. 3. Directly or indirectly oversee all Children’s Ministry volunteers. 4. Direct weekly activities necessary to facilitate a quality weekend service ministry experience such as: a. Volunteer recruiting b. Volunteer training c. Advanced scheduling of rotations d. Communication to parents about upcoming events, concerns, changes, resources for spiritual parenting etc. e. Communication with Children’s Ministry Team Leaders regarding their respected areas f. Forward thinking (Strategic planning) g. Mentoring and leading interns and apprentices 5. Oversee and develop Children’s Ministry systems and processes such as: a. Check-in system b. Administrative processes c. Training processes d. Process Queues 6. Coordinate aspects of Children’s weekend worship experience, including: a. Check-in Experience b. Large group experience (Worship, Bible Story and Intentional Prayer Time) c. Curriculum d. Crafts e. Snacks 7. Coordinate aspects of the Middle School Student Ministry experience, including a. Small Group Leadership b. Large group experience (Worship, Bible Story and Intentional Prayer Time) c. Curriculum d. Student Leadership Initiatives. 8. Establish annual goals in line with the vision of FLC and evaluate how goals were attained over the year. 9. Establish yearly budget necessary to attain goals. 10. Brainstorm and plan events for Children (VBS, Christmas, Easter, etc.) middle schoolers and families to create family discipleship. 11. Seek creative ways to raise resources for ministry initiatives. Delegated Authority: The Pastor will be empowered to make decisions as needed within the following parameters: 1. Creating systems or processes necessary to execute the Vision and Mission within the areas listed under Executive Duties. 2. Delegating authority to volunteers as needed to accomplish the execution of the Vision and Mission within said areas. 3. Implementing changes necessary to improve the quality of any areas listed in Executive Duties. 4. Creating a yearly budget to cover expenses of Executive Duties. 5. Spending approved money within parameters of that budget. Employee Status ● Work is 40 -45 hours per week (full-time) or however much time is needed to accomplish the work to be done each week. ● Compensation to be determined based upon experience ● Employee benefits will be listed in Employee Manual Bachelor’s Degree preferred Experience working on church staff preferred
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Jennifer Villarreal
Close Date
February 1, 2023