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Church Secretary

Position title
Church Secretary
Weekly expectation
Part-Time (20 hours)
Church/ministry name
Kentwood Heights Baptist Church
church/ministry location
2607 New Kent Hwy , Quinton, VA 23141
Skills & Qualifications: 1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 2. Excellent organizational skills. 3. Proficient in Microsoft Office and web-based communication. With training, become proficient in the use of church management software (e.g., Servant Keeper). 4. Enthusiastic with a positive outlook towards others. 5. Willingness to work a flexible schedule. 6. Ability to maintain confidentiality. General Responsibilities: 1. The Church Secretary serves the members of Kentwood Heights Baptist Church as the primary contact person among church members, community members, business affiliates, and all other communication with or within the congregation. The Church Secretary will contribute to a positive working atmosphere in a team-based setting that supports Kentwood Heights Mission. The Church Secretary will be dealing with private affairs and must always maintain confidentiality. 2. The primary responsibility is to oversee and manage the office at Kentwood Heights Baptist Church efficiently and confidentially. Specific position responsibilities include: Daily: • Keep an accurate calendar of all activities relating to church life. • Order office supplies such as forms, letterheads, envelopes, etc. (remaining within office supply budget). Maintain supplies (office, reception, church, communion, etc.). • Handle incoming telephone calls promptly and courteously. Set appointments and meetings as needed. • Greet people as they enter the church office and monitor who is in the building (food pantry, etc.). • Welcome, register, and greet food pantry guests as needed. • Serve as the general information center for the entire church. • Maintain and update records: births, deaths, address changes, baptisms, marriages, funerals, etc. using church management software. Also maintains church documents such as the constitution, by-laws, personnel manual, background check forms, and other documents of the church. • Coordinate groups wanting to use the church facilities and send letters advising of costs and building use policy. • Maintain schedule of building use. • Pick up and disperse all mail, organize and maintain church mailboxes. • Provide support as directed by the Senior Pastor. • Prepare as needed any funeral or wedding bulletins. Weekly: • Develop and print weekly worship bulletins, when applicable. • Enter financial records into church management software. • Contact those serving in the upcoming Sunday services via email with date specific reminders. • Route all announcements/promotions and communications to appropriate locations (bulletin, website, staff, newspaper, email, Facebook, marquee etc.) as needed or requested. • Serves as contact person for those seeking benevolence. Monthly: • Prepare and email electronic newsletter as requested or required. • Maintain schedules for various ministries, as submitted by those ministry leaders, (Nursery, toddler, pre-K, children’s church, usher/greeters, as determined by supervisor…) • Prepare welcome brochures for guests. • Create and assemble printed materials for staff and WEE Care Preschool Quarterly: • Collect and prepare quarterly reports from various ministries for business meetings. Annually: • Prepare and mail annual giving statements for church members. • Publish up-to-date church directory for distribution. Supervision: The secretary will be under direct supervision of the pastor or interim pastor. In the case of a vacant pastorate, the Personnel Committee will act as the supervisor. An annual performance review will be conducted by the Pastor. The pastor will then provide a report to the Personnel Committee. Normal Hours: This is a part-time, hourly position, approximately 15-20 hours per week.
More Details
Dave Smith
Close Date
February 15, 2022