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Lawrenceville Baptist
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301 Hicks Street , Lawrenceville, va 23868
Lawrenceville Baptist Church is located in the middle of a beautiful, rural landscape dotted with farms, woods, lakes, fields, plenty of peace and quiet and reasonable real estate opportunities. Our church is actively and aggressively seeking a leader. With an aging membership, we believe our church can be a missionary church plant for the one who is called. We seek an energetic preacher who will help minister to our current members as well as recruit new and younger members. We seek a pastor to provide spiritual leadership to our members. Duties will include preparing weekly sermons, preaching and conducting worship services. We seek a leader to interpret biblical scripture for the congregation and participate in an outreach ministry and recruitment of new members. The minister will provide care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations. In addition, working as a pastor may require officiation at special services, such as baptisms, weddings and funerals. The leader sought will work closely with a dedicated group of deacons. Job hours are a bit irregular, because you must divide your time between conducting worship services, attending social events at the church and completing administrative duties. The Lawrenceville Baptist Church mission statement denotes a desire to be committed believers who seek a true and personal relationship with Christ, to grow in spiritual maturity and share Christ to others. The successful candidate will embrace this mission. Desired Qualifications: An authentic love for Christ that is shown in compassion and care for the congregation and is the foundation of a vibrant prayer life Relatable, biblical and inspired preaching Strong leadership to guide the mission God is calling us to Community-oriented: willing to be involved outside of the church in order to support, love, and interact with the greater community Desire to disciple our church as well as to grow God's Kingdom by planting or partnering with other churches Salary and compensation package is competitive. .
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Christie Hales
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January 2, 2024