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News from the Executive Director Search Committee

As part of the Search Committee for our next Executive Director, we would like to take a few minutes to share some details about our committee. We have been hard at work with preliminary steps in our search process, and thank you for your continued prayers and support as we navigate this transition in our family.

Thank you for your faith and your guidance throughout this journey we take as a family, and please pray for God to share his will with us every step of the way!

Committee Members:
Adam Tyler, chair
Brooke Holloway Blake
Ann Brown
Allen Jessee
Herbert Ponder


Upon the announcement of Dr. John Upton’s pending retirement as Executive Director of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV), the Executive Board of the BGAV appointed a Search Committee to seek an Executive Director capable of leading well in a changing world.  A significant element of the BGAV vision for this next season of the organization’s life and mission is to join other Christian organizations in a collaborative effort through a shared ministry space, Ascent.  After listening to many voices within the BGAV/Ascent family, the Search Committee has developed this profile to guide the process of seeking our next Executive Director.  The Executive Director will need to provide leadership and vision, while also communicating well and developing BGAV staff to fulfill the mission of the BGAV.

The Executive Director shall be the leader in casting an inspiring Vision of BGAV/Ascent that draws BGAV churches to participate and Ascent partners to join us in kingdom partnership. The Executive Director shall be responsible for leading strategically and coordinating staff in the execution of the BGAV’s mission and vision. The Executive Director shall inspire, teach and challenge the BGAV to keep our mission – The BGAV is a missionary movement unleashing the power of the resurrected Christ through the local church for the renewal of all things – in the forefront of where God is leading us.

The Executive Director shall continually communicate and highlight the vision of BGAV/Ascent through leading the staff and coordinating with ministry partners to regularly communicate our shared vision. The Executive Director shall be the leading edge in working collaboratively with the staff, Executive Board, and BGAV churches to advance the needs of the BGAV and further the kingdom mission of God. The Executive Director shall develop a staff that can work collaboratively and implement the BGAV/Ascent vision; as part of this responsibility, the Executive Director shall also be capable of inspiring the staff and shall be capable of delegating appropriate authority and accountability for the staff to accomplish tasks and oversee areas of responsibility. The Executive Director shall actively engage with the churches of the BGAV, building relationships of trust and partnership. The Executive Director shall coordinate with Ascent and ministry partners to develop avenues for our ongoing work of evangelism and mission through our common commitment, shared vision, and ongoing relationships. The Executive Director shall conduct ongoing evaluation of the implementation and effectiveness of the structure and policies of the BGAV with the Executive Board to identify opportunities and challenges, making “course corrections” when needed and ensuring that all efforts are in line with the vision of the BGAV.

The Executive Director shall exhibit and maintain a personal relationship with Christ and a biblically-grounded faith that is evident in family life, congregational involvement, and workplace behavior and attitude. The Executive Director shall be a person of demonstrated high character and integrity, capable of effective and respectful interaction across diverse theological and interpersonal perspectives, able to exhibit humility and competence concurrently, and a proven leader. The Executive Director shall work for Baptist General Association of Virginia and will not engage in other business ventures or advocate ventures outside of the direction of the Association.

Download a PDF version of the Position Profile.
Download a PDF explanation of Ascent.

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