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Elementary Director/Pastor

Position title
Elementary Director/Pastor
Weekly expectation
Church/ministry name
Purcellville Baptist Church
church/ministry location
601 Yaxley Dr , Purcellville , VA 20132

Elementary (1st – 5th Grades) Director

The Elementary Director will provide direct oversight, administration, and spiritual guidance for the Elementary ministry (1st – 5th grades), of Purcellville Baptist Church, under the guidance of the Discipleship Pastor.
Reporting Relationships
Reports to the Discipleship Pastor.
Specific Responsibilities

Intentional development of ministry by
Determining activities for Elementary students on Sunday mornings
Determining activities for families of Elementary students during the week

Develop a team of volunteers to lead the Elementary ministry during all services on Sunday.

Attend church services regularly.

Implement curriculum that fits into the church-wide vision.

Oversee the recruitment of the necessary volunteer staffing for the Elementary ministry.

Schedule teachers as required and perform the teaching to back up the volunteer teaching positions.

Provide leadership and training for the various levels of volunteer staffing.

Provide ministry through counsel and prayer in accordance to the church’s teachings and practices to the parents/guardians of the Elementary students as needed.

Ensure adherence to all mandated child protection policies.

Ensure facility and equipment is maintained at a high level of safety and cleanliness.

Partner with and support church-wide events related to discipleship.

Play a main leadership role in annual ministry events.

Attending and participating in staff meetings.

Continue to receive spiritual training by attending the Weekly Staff Devotional and apply the teachings of the church to your life.

Community ministry involvement.

All other duties as assigned that further the mission and vision of Purcellville Baptist Church.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in fields of children ministry or education.

Previous experience in vocational ministry.
Qualification + Experience

Be a Spirit-led person of prayer committed to moving the Elementary ministry to abundant life in Christ.

Production of teaching material and curriculum.

Communication skills in various formats (digital, social media, interpersonal, etc).

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Power Point.

Critical Thinking.

Ability to monitor ministry under guidance of Discipleship Pastor.

Event coordination/planning.

Management of volunteers (coaching, recruiting, training, scheduling, and ministry needs).

Continual researching of other Ministry programs and spiritual trends.

Attending and participating in staff meetings.

Community ministry involvement.
Typical Week

Department ministry (at least 35 hours per week)

Staff Meetings (2 hours per week)

Community Ministry involvement (4 hours per week)

Ability to monitor safety of students while in care to be aware of surroundings and to identify safety issues before and when they occur.

Ability to respond to emergency situations that may include providing CPR or contacting help.

Ability to remain stationary for extended periods of time while discipling, teaching, or waiting through a student event.

Ability to communicate with students and parents.
Salary Structure + Benefits

Position is exempt (Ministerial) for labor management purposes

Full Time with Benefits
If you are interested in being a part of a team that will help create and implement a new curriculum and culture with the PBC Elementary Ministry, please go to www.purbap.org/employment to fill out an application.

More Details
Kathy Ruckman
Close Date
December 31, 2024