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Youth Minister

Position title
Youth Minister
Weekly expectation
Church/ministry name
North Run Baptist Church
church/ministry location
2100 Lydell Drive , Richmond, VA 23228
Youth Minister Position Description Position Overview: This position will lead the church in cooperation with the Youth team in developing and implementing a comprehensive program of ministry for all students starting with the sixth grade through twelfth grade. This minister will work through appropriate staff, the Youth team, volunteer leaders, and parents to carry out this ministry. Purpose: To bring youth to Jesus Christ by evangelism; to connect youth with Christian leaders and other Christian students; to help youth grow in their faith through discipleship; to challenge youth to find their own ministry and area of service; and to glorify God with their lives. Work Hours Requirement: Full-Time Exempt (minimum of 40 hours/week). Workday(s) Requirement: Sundays – Thursdays (other days as needed). Time Preferences: Sundays Morning and evening worship services and programing. Weekdays maintain regular office hours as needed. *Flexibility is expected as ministry often requires schedule changes. This schedule allows for attendance at student activities such as football games, graduations, recitals, etc. Supervision: Direct supervision falls under the direction of the Senior Pastor. On occasion, may be supervised by the Associate Pastor. Qualifications – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) • Biblical and theological conviction, affirming the principles of the Baptist Faith and Message and the Nashville Statement. These are generally developed through seminary training. • Possess a thorough knowledge of the Bible with a strong theological foundation to deal with issues of the day. • Ability and desire to lead people into a personal relationship with Christ and to help people grow closer to God in general, with an emphasis through student ministry. • Analyze the Youth ministry’s strengths and areas in need of growth in an effort to set effective short and long-term goals. Develop a vision to achieve the goals. • Strong interpersonal relational skills for recruiting, training, and leading student teams in ministry as well as interacting with the congregation in general. • Demonstrate leadership, strong verbal and written communication as well as demonstrating strong administrative and organizational skills. • Ability to cast vision to and partner with the Youth team. Develop individuals and teams to support ministry goals. • Ability to evaluate and make recommendations to other ministry areas as they impact student and youth ministry Education and Experience • Hold or in progress, a Bible college or seminary degree is preferred from one of the six SBC seminaries, Liberty University, Lynchburg VA, or another like-minded school. • Preferred experience in student ministry. Essential Duties • Attend and participate in worship services. • Lead Youth gathering at least twice a week. • Coordinate and/or lead all opportunities for youth fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism. • Communicate frequently with youth families about monthly activities. • Develop a climate that is safe, supportive and cultivates spiritual growth for students. • Develop objectives for the student ministry that are consistent with the Church’s vision and overall strategic plan. • Prepare, coordinate, and implement an annual student ministry budget proposal, and administer that budget as approved by the Finance committee. • Coordinate, partner with and lead the Youth team, which seeks to manage ministry experiences for grades 6 through 12. • Direct the teaching programs (including curriculum oversight) of the student division (Bible Fellowships, Discipleship Training, etc.) in cooperation with other leaders. • Attend and contribute to meetings, including Church Council (quarterly), staff and minister’s meetings (bi-weekly) helping NRBC fulfill the vision and mission of the church. • Provide Biblically based, motivating and practical teaching on a regular basis and serve as a Christian role model to students. • Assess student ministry needs and develop programs, activities, policies, and procedures to meet those needs. • Develop lay leaders who can love, teach, and lead students effectively in small groups or one- on-one settings. • Coordinate the background checks for all adult leaders in the student ministry. • Engage parents and families in developing growth of their student’s faith. • Equip parents with necessary tools to lead their students and family. • Provide ministry through hospital visits, funerals, and weddings as needed. • Other duties as assigned. Disclosure Individuals interested in this position may submit a resume to nrbcyouthministry@gmail.com. This position description is intended to accurately reflect the position’s activities and requirements. However, the Church has the right to modify duties as necessary. This document should not be construed as an all-inclusive list of the responsibilities and skills associated with the position.
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Laura Calle
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June 10, 2023