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BGAV Hunger Ministries

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The BGAV Hunger Ministry supports ongoing and project-based hunger ministries in the communities served by our churches by providing supplemental funding for our churches, associations, and ministry partners.

Hunger Funds

Assistance is available for your local hunger ministry through our BGAV World Hunger Funds! Learn more about eligibility for and proper utilization of these resources in the World Hunger Funds Policy. Requests and reports for hunger funds should be submitted using the online forms below. Forms received via fax or mail will no longer be approved.

Reports should be submitted prior to submitting a request for additional funds.

Submit a Report   |   Submit a Request

Please submit reports and requests according to the following schedule in 2022:

- Quarter 1: Requests due by or before March 13; processed and disbursed by March 27.

- Quarter 2: Requests due by or before June 12; processed and disbursed by June 26.

- Quarter 3: Requests due by or before September 11; processed and disbursed by September 25.

- Quarter 4: Requests due by or before November 27; processed and disbursed by December 11.

Questions about this process or the BGAV Hunger Ministry in general should be directed to Dean Miller (dean.miller@bgav.org).

World Hunger Offering

The BGAV established a Virginia Offering for World Hunger in 1982 and has contributed over $6.8 million in the past two decades alone. Half of these funds are used to support local and domestic ministries through the process outlined above, while the other half are distributed for global hunger relief through our partners worldwide.

BGAV churches can contribute to the World Hunger Offering throughout the year by designating gifts or donating online.

In addition, churches can mark their calendars for a special World Hunger Sunday emphasis on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Get more information about World Hunger Sunday.

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