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Capital Stewardship Services: Let's Build Together

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What a Capital Stewardship Campaign Can Do for Your Church

In recent years, church capital campaigns have become a vital part of funding plans for new construction and remodeling. While a capital stewardship campaign will enable a church to borrow less and make mortgage payments more affordable, a number of other very important benefits can come from a well planned and conducted campaign:

• The church’s mission can be lifted up and emphasized.

• The church can come together around a common goal.

• Excitement can be generated for the church’s future.

• The congregation can become more aware of opportunities for ministry and outreach.

• Church members can grow in their understanding and practice of Biblical stewardship.

• Ministry needs among church members will be discovered.

• Previously unknown talents and abilities of church members will be discovered.

The Benefits of Partnering with Capital Stewardship Services

Capital Stewardship Services (CSS) was created by the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) in the mid-1990s to meet the requests for a capital fundraising program uniquely designed for medium and smaller-sized congregations. While capital campaign principles and methods are similar across the board, CSS emphasizes several unique benefits:

• CSS is a part of the BGAV family and is accountable to the Virginia Baptist Executive Board.

• CSS consultants have experience in BGAV churches and understand their uniqueness.

• CSS consultants are nearby and committed to walking with churches through every step of the campaign.

• CSS seeks not only to help churches raise funds but also to grow Christian stewards.

• CSS is committed to work with churches of all sizes and to provide a quality service at an affordable cost.

If you are interested in the possibilities of a Capital Stewardship Campaign in your church, please do not hesitate to call us. There is absolutely no cost involved in an introductory meeting.

Contact our CSS Lead Consultant, Kevin James, at 804.513.9832 to learn more!

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