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Fresh Expressions US Offers Resilient Church Academy

Next week, Fresh Expressions US is offering a Resilient Church Academy

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With the Omicron variant casting a shadow over the New Year, church leaders are asking lots of questions as they seek to define their core ministries. Next week, Fresh Expressions US is offering a Resilient Church Academy for local church leaders who are worn out from years of pivots but still passionate about their calling.

Here are six practical questions that leaders like you are facing, and the resource we're providing to address them.

(1) How do we make disciples today?
Jesus' final directive is that we go and make disciples. But even before the pandemic, traditional approaches to Christian education were falling short. Drs. Michael Moynagh and Michael Beck will give you a vision for a modern-day approach to helping people grow to be more like Jesus.

Register for the Rethink Discipleship: A Master Class for Church Leaders to Help Members Experience God's Mission in their Day-to-Day Lives and you'll get their book 21st Century Christian for FREE!

(2) How do we cultivate a Jesus-shaped community in our rapidly shifting pandemic culture?

This winter is reminding us that it's still hard for churches to consistently gather every weekend. Luke Edwards and Angelica Cieza have worked the last few years to cultivate "hybrid" online/in-person communities that are ready for this reality.

Register for Rethink Community: Building and Bridging Virtual and In-Person Relationships.

(3) What can our churches do about the other epidemic that is killing our neighbors—addiction?

Addictions to opioids and other substances led to 100,000 deaths in the US in 2021. The good news is the churches are uniquely equipped to serve those who struggle with addiction or have been hurt by it. Michael Beck will share what he's learned from his own experience as an addict and a pastor in churches that reach addicts.

Register for Rethink Recovery Ministry: How to Go Beyond “Meetings” to Create a Fresh Expression of Healing and get a free copy of Michael's memoir Painting with Ashes.

(4) What does preaching look like in our digitally-distracted, virus-riddled world?

Since the day of Pentecost, Jesus' followers have used the sermon to proclaim the good news of God's kingdom. But cultural changes have added new pressures that preachers must acknowledge. Dr. J.R. Briggs will help you reimagine the place of preaching in your congregation.

Register for Rethink Preaching: Contextualizing How We Proclaim the Good News today.

(5) What about our kids—and our parents?

Discipling the next generation has always been central to the church's calling. But the pandemic has left parents exhausted and made it harder than ever to find volunteers for children's ministries. Rev. Lora Gravatt will help you reevaluate your approach, and find new strategies for engaging children and families.

Register for Rethink Children's & Family Ministry: Disciple Making in a New Era

(6) How can we take advantage of our church buildings?

Church attendance is declining, leaving congregations with aging facilities. What if you could find new ways to use your congregation's property and be a blessing to your neighbors? Brian Clark and Shannon Kiser will share their experience doing just that.

Register for Rethink Property, Assets, Buildings: How to Repurpose for Greater Impact in Your Community now.

The pandemic comes in waves, and there will be more. With the Resilient Church Academy, you can rethink your strategies for the week-in, week-out ministry of the local church.

See you on Zoom.

Written by Chris Backert, National Director of Fresh Expressions US.