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Learn how to improve your church's digital presence with an upcoming Digital Church Proficiency Workshop

Learn easy and affordable ways to increase your church's online presence

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Leading a church is hard. Incorporating digital can be overwhelming. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Leading a church is never easy, and the unexpected adjustments over the past couple years have made it even harder. Livestream worship services, drive-in church, and social media connections have become necessary parts of many churches’ weekly offerings. For small- to medium-sized churches where resources and dollars can be tight, getting the most reach with your digital presence can be overwhelming.

We invite you to join other church leaders in your area for a workshop sponsored by BGAV to improve your church’s online presence. Each registered church will receive a personalized Digital Snapshot of their current digital presence. Participants will then learn valuable insights through local trends and relevant case studies and get easy and affordable tips to improve your church’s digital presence immediately!

All church leaders and volunteers are welcome, so please share this invitation with others in your area! Lunch is provided.

These workshops are FREE for BGAV churches ($35 for all others, which covers the cost of the personalized Digital Snapshot).



- No workshops scheduled. Contact bgav@bgav.org for information on scheduling a workshop in your area.