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A Message from the BGAV Executive Board Upon John Upton's Retirement

Update about BGAV leadership after Executive Director John Upton's retirement

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"The Executive Board is incredibly thankful for the leadership John Upton has provided--leadership that positions us well now for this time of transition," said Becky McKinney, chair.

"His vision, wisdom, and integrity leave a legacy for BGAV that lays a strong foundation for us to move forward with God's direction. We pray God's richest blessings on John and Deb as they retire."

While the Search Committee continues its work:

  • Members of the Executive Leadership Team will continue to provide leadership and oversight to their respective teams. All BGAV staff members will continue in their current roles. The Executive Board has the utmost confidence in the staff and their commitment to ensure that the ministries of BGAV continue to thrive during this time of transition.
  • The Executive Board will provide the Executive Leadership Team support and input as appropriate, in addition to continuing to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities.

Bookmark the Executive Director Search webpage for the latest updates.

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